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Top Tech Stocking Stuffers

With just over a week left to go until Christmas, you’ve probably finished shopping for all your main presents. (You haven’t…? Well, then, you can find a few good ideas here!).

But if you’re still looking for some super-useful-but-not-too-pricey stocking stuffers, here’s MY list for the people on YOUR list.

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Chargers and Power Strips
I consider these the AA batteries of the 21st century—you can never have too many of them! Check out these portable chargers that fit easily in a purse or pocket or these dual-port car chargers, an easy way to end those fights about who gets to charge their phone en route. 🙂

Depending on how big the stocking is that you’re filling, a charging station could be a great addition for people who need to charge multiple devices at the same time.

These days, most people have lots of electronics and only a single wall outlet nearby, so a power strip—available in all sorts of sizes and configurations—can be a welcome extra. But sometimes even that’s not enough because so many AC adapters take up more than one spot (why do they do that?!) so these 1-foot extension cords are fantastic for letting you get the most out of your strip.

Oh, and there are some things that do still need those AA (and other) batteries, so a pair or two of those will probably be appreciated as well!

Extra USB and HDMI cables come in quite handy more often than you might think, especially if you use your electronics in a lot of different places and setups.

Cable Managers
Speaking of cables, if your giftee is like me and has electronic octopi all over their house, they’d probably appreciate one of these cable management systems.

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself in situations where I’m in the mood to listen to some tunes but don’t have my headphones near me and don’t remember where I used them last. So I could definitely use a few extras to keep in different places (living room, bedroom, office, purse, etc.) so I always have them on hand when I’m in the mood for listening to some tunes!

Memory Cards and Flash Drives
I remember my excitement when you could buy a card with a whole 1GB of memory! 🙂 Now you can get cards with up to 256GB (very useful for people with ultrabook computers that have small hard drives, but perhaps not quite a stocking stuffer price…).

And if you prefer USB flash drives, you’re no longer limited to the garden-variety black-and-silver rectangular ones; now they come in multiple colors and a wide variety of novelty shapes like sushi, skeletons, lipstick tubes, musical equipment, and—my faves—these super adorable pengees!

Memory Card USB Adapters
These adapters are great to have on hand if you have files on a memory card but only have a computer with USB ports (or if the memory card port is already occupied).

Cellphone Cases
So. Many. Options.

Other phone accessories worth checking out: screen protectors, PopSockets expandable grips, car mounts, and touchscreen gloves.

Universal Remotes
Every new gadget usually means a new remote control to go with it. Universal remotes may not always be truly “universal,” but if they can replace even a few device-specific ones, that can make a big difference in how much space you have left on your coffee table! 🙂

If you have a streaming media player that doesn’t use an IR signal, then you won’t be able to program that into a universal remote. However, you can now get a Sideclick attachment that lets you add power, volume, channel, and more buttons to the remotes of the most popular players.

And if there’s just no way to replace all those remotes, an organizing caddy might be the answer.

Gift Cards
I know, I know… Some people think gift cards are a cop out. Know who doesn’t think they’re a cop out? People who get gift cards for Christmas.

And if you’re worried about getting any of these in time for the big day? Then now might just be a great time to try out Amazon Prime for free for thirty days and take advantage of their free 2-day shipping option. (You can learn more about all the benefits of Amazon Prime in this T4L post.)

And speaking of Prime, it also makes a great gift idea for others, less for the 2-day shipping feature and more because it gives the recipient access to a huge library of streaming music, TV, and movie titles for free! You can either give a full annual membership for $99 or a 3-month membership for just $33.

Unique Gifts for the Unique Giftee

Looking for something different? Check out Amazon’s Interesting Finds page, which is updated daily with all sorts of, well, interesting finds. 🙂 Here are a few examples from the time of writing this:

Add Your Own Ideas
Have a favourite stocking stuffer to give or get? Share it in the comments below!

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