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Three Tip Thursday: 12/15/16

Today’s T3 includes tips for finding apps on your Windows 10 PC, cleaning up your social media history, and stuffing stockings with little tech extras.

1. Quickly Find Windows 10 Apps

I can’t believe I’ve had Windows 10 for a year and a half and I *just learned this trick. I’m still on the pre-Anniversary Update version of the operating system on my main laptop, but this works on both versions. When you click the Start menu and click the All Apps button, you get a long list of all the apps on the computer in alphabetical order, which means lots of scrolling to get to the one you want to launch.


Click on any letter heading to open a fly-out menu that lets you go directly to any letter group in the list.

Bonus Tip: Here are two other ways to find apps quickly (which I did already know):

  • Click the Start menu and just start typing the name of the app, i.e. you don’t need to be in a search box. A list of results will come up including if the app exists on your computer.
  • Click the search icon in your taskbar and click the Apps button. A subset of apps will appear (I’m not sure what the criteria is to be on this list). If the one you want is not on this list, you can type it into the text box at the bottom of the list.

2. Clean Up Your Old Facebook and Twitter Posts

If you’ve ever tried to delete or hide old social media posts, you’ve probably given up pretty quickly when you discovered how unwieldy the process is within the apps themselves. This Gizmodo article lists some tools that can make it much easier for Facebook and Twitter posts. Note that I haven’t tested any of these out myself, so have no comment on how good or bad they may be.

3. Stocking Stuffing for Luddites

With only 10 days left until Christmas (whaaa…???), you may still be looking for a few stocking stuffers to finish off your holiday shopping. This T4L post has a few suggestions to help.

Top Tech Stocking Stuffers

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