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Three Tip Thursday: 11/24/16

In today’s T3, we have tips for uploading files to Google Drive, transmitting TV antenna signals wirelessly, and carving turkey like a pro.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

1. Upload Photos to Google Drive from Your Android Device

Filed under “Learned It The Hard Way”: If you’ve taken some pics on your Android phone or tablet and want to store them on your Google Drive and you open the Google Drive app and spend a good ten minutes looking for Upload in the menus and can’t find anything and are *this* close to throwing your phone or tablet across the room, please note… There’s a BIG BLUE CIRCLE WITH A PLUS SIGN at the bottom right of the screen.

Yeah, click that. *sigh*

2. Transmit Your TV Antenna Signal Wirelessly

One of the most popular posts on T4L is one I wrote a couple of years ago. It explains how you can send your cable tv signal from one room to another without needing to run the wires all through your house. But yesterday a reader left a comment on the post asking if you could do the same thing with an antenna installed in the attic. The question was so good, I added it (and the answer!) to the original post. Check it out here:

Send Your Cable TV Signal Wirelessly to Another Room

3. Carve That Turkey!

If your turkey-carving skills could use some sharpening (see what I did there 🙂 ), check out this video from The Culinary Institute of America.

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