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Three Tip Thursday: 06/08/17

Today’s T3 includes tips for using Chromecast with a mobile hotspot, summer tech camps for kids, and new Kindle travel bundles at Amazon.

1. Chromecast Hotspot Change

In the T4L post, Using Streaming Media Players with a Mobile Hotspot, I provided information about how to use a Google Chromecast with an Android phone’s mobile hotspot instead of a wireless router.

With the recent release of Google Play Services 11.0.55, you can no longer connect a Chromecast to a mobile hotspot. This article has more information, including a link to where you can download an earlier version of Google Play Services to get back this functionality:

Latest Google Play Services seems to have broken casting using Android hotspot for WiFi (Android Police, 06/05/17)

2. Summer Tech Camps for Kids

If you know a young person who loves all things techie, check out iDTech, which offers camps throughout the summer for kids ages 6-18 at university campuses across the U.S. They also have online courses for children who aren’t able to attend camps in person.

I did a quick look at camps in Maryland and while many of them are sold out, there were still some slots available. So if this is something your children or grandchildren might be interested in, you should check it out soon.

I have no personal experience with these camps, but when I see what they’re teaching—coding, robotics, game design, 3D printing—it kind of makes me wish I was a young’un again. (And that’s about the ONLY thing that would ever make me wish that…) 🙂

3. Kindle Travel Bundles

While your kids are off learning how to build robots, maybe you’d like to take advantage of the time to catch up on your reading. And if you’d like to do some of that reading while you’re out and about, Amazon has some new travel bundles that include a Kindle Paperwhite, Voyage, or Oasis E-reader, premium cover, charger, and travel bag (available in four colors) for $70 less than buying the items separately.

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