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Three Tip Thursday: 03/09/17

Today’s T3 includes tips for restoring accidentally closed browser tabs, enjoying food art on Instagram, and getting medical emergency help from Amazon Alexa.

1. Restore closed browser tabs

Firefox is my default browser. And most of the time I have, oh, a BAJILLION tabs open in it. 🙂

Sometimes, without thinking, I close a tab that I didn’t mean to. And this doesn’t just mean I’ve lost whatever page I was on, but I’ve also lost whatever pages I was reading on that tab before the current one. Even worse, every once in a while I accidentally close the entire browser and lose ALL of the bajillion tabs, with all their histories. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get these tabs back so you don’t have to scramble to find those pages again.

In Firefox, the options are under the main History menu. Click on Recently Closed Tabs to open a flyout menu that lists the most recent pages on those tabs. Select one and it will open in a new tab and you’ll be able to use the Back button to go to other pages that were open in that tab.

If you accidentally closed the whole browser, open a new instance and select the History > Restore Previous Session option to bring back all the tabs that were open before it was closed. Note that you must do this immediately and that you need to have your browser set to save History for this to work.

In Chrome, use the Settings > History menu to reopen closed tabs. I don’t see any option to restore the entire session.

Tip: You can also get an extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera that puts a button on your toolbar for reopening closed tabs. If you just click the button, it opens the last closed tab. Otherwise you can click the down arrow to select other ones to reopen.

Microsoft Edge works differently. Right-click on a current tab and click Reopen Closed Tab, which opens the last one closed. If you repeat the action, it will then open the second-last closed tab and so on. However, because it doesn’t identify what that page will be, your better bet is probably just to open a new blank tab and use the History menu to bring back a page you’ve closed.

2. Instagram account rec

It’s a running joke that people post pictures of their food way too often on social media. However, the Instagram account, crazysusifood, literally turns her food into art. Here are a few of my faves.

I found Crazy Susi from this Ignite Social Media article that includes four other Instagram artists to follow.

And just a quick reminder that even though I don’t post much there, T4L does have an Instagram account if you’re interested in following it.

3. Alexa CPR skill

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant software, has a new skill from the American Heart Association that provides CPR instructions and information to help you identify the warning signs for heart attacks and strokes. While I hope you never need any of these, this seems like a good way to get the information quickly if you do.

IMPORTANT: The Association emphasizes that the first thing you should do if someone is experiencing a medical emergency is to call 911 to get professional help as quickly as possible.

Enable the American Heart Association skill for your Alexa devices. >>

Learn more about Amazon Alexa in this T4L post. >>

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