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Three Tip Thursday: 01/26/17

Today’s T3 includes tips for resetting Windows 10 notifications, managing your media library, and remembering the woman who turned the world on with her smile.

1. Windows 10 Notifications

Earlier this week, I posted about Microsoft forcing Windows 10 auto-updates again, with a link to instructions on how to prevent it. And even though I hate their tactics, I decided to finally do the upgrade myself (on my own schedule). And while I had no problems with the installation itself, I did notice afterwards that some of my Notifications settings had been changed back to On. So if you decide to accept the update, make sure you check that your notifications are set the way you want.

The easiest way to do this is to click the Start button and just start typing “Notifications.” That will bring up a link to the Notifications & Actions Settings, where you can review them all.

NOTE: I keep reading about ads for various things showing up on the Windows 10 taskbar, but I haven’t actually experiencd it. If you have, however, supposedly turning off the Get Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions As You Use Windows option on this same screen will stop them.

2. Reader App Rec: Media Manager

T4L reader Dave explains why he’s a fan of MediaMonkey:

“This program is awesome for updating your custom music files (MP3 etc) with the data files your media player (iPad, Android tablet etc) needs to include album art or updating the band/title name data. Sometimes you rip audio CDs and your ripping software is not successful in gathering album data. You can fix that problem with MediaMonkey and its huge music database. The app allows you to also customize the art, song, album or title data and save to your music file.” Thanks for sharing, Dave!

Now, I don’t have a large media collection, so I haven’t tried it out myself. But the program offers a lot of other media management features as well. From the website:

“Manage a movie / music library from 100 to 100,000+ audio/video files and playlists; whether Rock, Classical, Audiobooks, or Podcasts; Movies, Home videos, or TV shows; whether they’re located on your hard drive, CDs, or a network. Organize, browse, or search music by Genre, Artist, Year, Rating, etc., and never waste your time trying to find the files you know you have.”

There’s a Free version of the program and a Gold version ($24.95 for the current version, $49.95 for a lifetime license). MediaMonkey runs on PCs running Windows XP and above.

Check out the MailMonkey website. >>

Compare the Free and Gold versions of the product. >>

Share your own favorite program or app and enter for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. >>

3. RIP Mary Tyler Moore

I’m of the generation that grew up with Laura Petrie and Mary Richards as amazing role models. She’s one of the few actors that I really think deserves the “iconic” and “legendary” descriptors.

While “Mare” will be greatly missed, we can take comfort that her fantastic work lives on. You can stream full seasons of both the Dick Van Dyke Show and the Mary Tyler Moore Show through Amazon Video, including what are probably her two most memorable performances: Coast-to-Coast Big Mouth (aka Alan Brady’s Toupee) and Chuckles Bites the Dust (self-explanatory).

Both shows also stream on Hulu and The Dick Van Dyke Show is available on Netflix.

See more videos featuring Mary Tyler Moore on Amazon Video. >>

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  • I also never saw any ads on my taskbar while using Windows 10. It could be because of different versions maybe? Or it could also be a USA vs EU thing.

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