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Stop the &%!*@# Ringer Message from Popping Up Over and Over Again on Your iPhone or iPad

Stop the &%!*@# Ringer Message from Popping Up Over and Over Again on Your iPhone or iPad

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m not a Mac person. And I’ve never been an iOS-device person either, but last year I did buy an iPhone 4S so I could write about how it works with streaming media players and also check out apps that are generally developed for iOS before Android. And finally I understood why people prefer iPhones to Android phones… Because they’ve never used an Android phone! 🙂

(Seriously, Apple, no Back button…? Seriously?!)

Even though I’m not a big fan of my iPhone, I do still use it for the original purpose I bought it and also for its camera because it lets me take pics without using up my actual phone’s memory and battery power.

Since I’ve had it, there have been a few times when the ringer notification would pop up incessantly saying that the phone was muted. However, in those cases, when I shut down and restarted the phone, the message would go away. But yesterday it started happening again and I could not get it to stop. So today I contacted Ms. Google and found this thread where the first respondent provides a great list of things to try:

Issues with ringer notification (Apple iPad Forum)

In my case, the problem seemed to be that the Mute switch on the side of the phone wasn’t 100% set to one side or the other and when I gave it a stronger push, the message finally went away. (Huzzah!)

NOTE: This isn’t in the first answer, but further down the page it also mentions to make sure that the two volume buttons aren’t stuck or damaged in some way.

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  • I've no idea why but when I went to settings and tapped on software update which told me I had the latest software version my vibrate/ring switch started to work and the on screen message would reflect the correct position of the switch. iPhone 6s by the way.

    It would take too long to explain the details of what was going on with my phone but hopefully this helps somebody. If your switch isn't jammed in any way but your phone switches from silent to ring while on the phone or typing a message and switches back to vibrate when your done try what I did.

    Like I said, no idea why it worked but it did. Switch works flawlessly and on screen message reflects correctly the position of the switch. FYI: Volume buttons have always worked correctly.

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