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My New Favorite Thing: 1-Foot Extension Cords

My New Favorite Thing: 1-Foot Extension Cords

There are certain industries that seem physically incapable of designing products that work well. Cereal boxes. Garden hose connectors. And for people who use more than one electrically powered device at a time, power plugs.

Someday, someone will have to explain to me why my fridge, stove, and TV use regular plugs but my computer, cellphone, and straightening iron all need plugs that are so big they block the outlet next to them. It’s not even always the size that’s the problem; it’s the way the cord connects to the plug that makes it impossible to fit another one next to it. And no matter how hard the power strip industry tries to keep up with all the various shapes and sizes that plug designers keep introducing into the world, there are always a few devices that still cause problems.

This is a particular problem for someone like me who’s constantly testing various electronics to write about them. So I was thrilled when I discovered these 1-foot extension cords that aren’t so long that they get tangled like regular extension cords. They’re also very solid, which solves another problem I have with some device plugs that can pull out of the outlet very easily, especially the ones that have prongs that fold down.

Another bonus of these short cords is that they’re great for products whose own cords aren’t quite long enough, like when I need to charge my phone or tablet while I’m using it. And they’re expensive at all; A 10-pack of the Etekcity ones I bought have a list price of just $25.99.

Elizabeth Kricfalusi

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