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Sharing: Advice for Buying Used Smartphones

It’s Dads & Grads season, which means you’re probably trying to figure out what makes a good, desirable gift that won’t break the bank? A used smartphone could definitely meet both these criteria and this article from CNET’s Ask Maggie column provides some excellent info about some of your options.

A hot market for preowned gadgets is a boon to savvy consumers (CNET, 05/09/15)

Have an old smartphone (or other gadget) you don’t need anymore?

You can help out somebody looking for a used phone AND snag yourself an Amazon gift card in return.

Today’s 2015 Blogathon Featured Blog: Silence of the Tools

Blogger Nancy Koerbel has started this new blog during the Blogathon to look at “questions of how we define and use tools.” Sounds cool!

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