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The Tech for Luddites Online Shopping Guide

The Tech for Luddites Online Shopping Guide

This post includes links to current deals I think will be of interest to T4L readers, other posts that provide reviews and how-tos for various products I’ve covered, and tips for saving money when shopping online. It will be a living document that I will continue to update over time.

NOTE: This post links to a lot of other posts and I’m going through them trying to update them as quickly as I can. If you find information that is out of date or otherwise inaccurate, please shoot me an email and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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Deals and Discounts

Money-Saving Tips

Tips to Save Money When Shopping Online

Get Cash Back for Shopping Online with Ebates

Get More Deals at Amazon with Alexa on Fire TV, Fire Tablet, and Echo Devices

The Benefits of Amazon Prime

Streaming Media and Home Entertainment Products

Streaming Media Players

There are a bunch of posts about these devices including product reviews and how-tos for The Big Four of streaming players: Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast.

You can also check out the Streaming Media Overview, Frequently Asked Questions, and Player Comparison Chart.

And if you’re thinking about “cutting the cable cord,” you may want to pair your streaming player with a TV antenna to fill in the programming gaps, especially for watching broadcast TV shows live.

Amazon Alexa Family: Echo, Echo Dot, and Tap

These voice-activated smart Bluetooth speakers let you stream music from your favorite services, receive information like news reports and local movie times, and control compatible home automation devices.

Wireless TV Transmitter/Receiver System

This post tells you how you can send a TV signal from your cable or satellite box to a TV in another room without cables.

Mobile Devices

Amazon Fire Tablets

There’s a three-part series about Fire tablets that includes their pros and cons, a comparison of the different models, and a how-to about using Google Play apps on them, one of the main questions people have about these products.

And if you’re looking at getting a new cellphone, this post talks about the benefits of prepaid mobile plans.

Other Tech Products

Wi-Fi Extender

If you’re having difficulty getting a strong Internet connection at certain places in your home, these signal extenders can help you out.

You can’t buy anything tech these days without buying big plugs that take over your wall outlets and power strips. Enter short extension cords!

The Little Extras

This post lists a whole bunch of products that make great stocking stuffers as well as being great gift-giving ideas any time of the year when you don’t know a particular person’s taste.

Untech Products and Services

For the Home

If every time you make toast you end up setting off your smoke alarm, you may need a different kind of detector.

These small produce-preserving disks will keep your fruits and vegetables last longer.

Outdoor Living

This (very long) post lists a whole bunch of things that have helped me turn my backyard into my own personal paradise. And this one gives tips for how to protect your backyard paradise from pesky pests.


This is the best carrier I’ve found for transporting my own fur babies. It can be used for cats and dogs up to 20 pounds and is wider than most carriers so they can lie down more comfortably. I also like the loop on the back that you can put the seatbelt through to secure it.

Food and Drink

I’m not a coffee drinker myself, but I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about the beans roasted by Zeke’s Coffee of DC and Buona Caffe in Augusta.

Giving Back

(Amazon) Smile… It’s Giving Tuesday!

4 Ways to Give Online on Giving Tuesday (and Beyond!)

Sharing: What Food Banks Need Most (Foodlets)

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