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Can You Cast Netflix from an Amazon Fire Tablet to a Google Chromecast?

Can You Cast Netflix from an Amazon Fire Tablet to a Google Chromecast?

No. 🙁

Back in June 2014, when I wrote the original post explaining how a Google Chromecast works, I talked about how after I set up the device using my laptop, I was able to then stream Orange Is the New Black to it from the Netflix app on my Amazon Fire tablet. However, at some point after that, either Amazon or Netflix or both removed this option. I used to think it was Amazon because it was right around then they released their own streaming player, the Amazon Fire TV, to compete against the Chromecast. But newer Fire tablets with their latest operating system can cast other apps to Chromecast, but still can’t cast Netflix. So now I’m not sure who to blame… 🙂

NOTE: If you’re interested in casting other content from your Fire tablet to your Chromecast, you’ll first need to add the Google Play store to your tablet.

Now when you’re using the Netflix app on the Fire tablet, you’ll still see a casting icon. But when you click it, the menu that pops up doesn’t list the Chromecast as a device you can cast to. If you have a Fire TV or Roku streaming player, they will show up on the list, although they have built-in support for Netflix so you wouldn’t need to use your tablet unless you want to use it in place of the player’s remote.

I’ve also tried going directly to the Netflix website on my tablet’s Chrome browser, thinking I might be able to cast from there. But when you try to play a video from the Netflix mobile site, it tells you you have to use the app! (Plus I don’t know if there’s a way to make the mobile browser stream to Chromecast anyway…)

Also be aware that even if you install the Netflix app from the Amazon app store, you may get a warning that it requires Google Play services to run. But you CAN still watch videos through it on the device and, as mentioned earlier, you CAN cast them to the Fire TV player and potentially other ones as well.

Which brings us to…

What are your options for watching Netflix on a Chromecast?

You’ll need an Android or iOS phone or tablet with the Netflix app on it or you can cast from the Netflix website using the Chrome browser on your PC. Alternatively, you can get one of the other players that let you cast Netflix from your Fire tablet or a Smart TV that has Netflix built into it.

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Elizabeth Kricfalusi

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  • Interestingly, you can control a stream on a Chromecast that you started from another device. So if you start Netflix from your phone and Chromecast it, the fire tablet can pause and stop it. Just can't start another one.

    So annoying!

    • Oh, that's interesting. I'll have to try that. Definitely not ideal but at least it means I don't have to give up using my phone for other things if I want to cast from my tablet.

      Thanks for sharing!

  • It's possible, but you've to root the tablet and edit certain system property. Definitely a (intentional) Fire OS issue.

  • Even though you can't cast as far as I know Netflix from a mobile browser you can share screen and it work on the TV. Not as good as casting from the browser to a point but does work same thing with other videos. Sometimes you have to flip your phone to get a larger video on your TV screen. Just thought I would say something. Hoping this might be helpful.

    • Hi Rod.

      Thanks for sharing that but are you talking about the screen mirroring option from the Google Home app (formerly Google Cast)? I haven't been able to get that to work for me with Netflix. If you have, which Fire tablet do you have?

      [Comment edited for clarification.]

      - Elizabeth

  • I'm almost positive this is a problem with the Fire OS software on the Amazon tablets. There must be some code missing to allow Netflix to cast to Chromecast. I say this because I rooted and installed a vanilla Android rom on one of my Amazon Fire 7 tablets and Netflix streams just fine from that one. I have another FIre tablet that is using the Amazon Fire OS and has Google Play store installed but Netflix will not cast from this device.

    • Thanks for sharing that, Greg!

      The other day I suddenly remembered that Google Home (previous Google Cast) now has screen mirroring capabilities as well, so I thought that might be the solution. I tried it with my basic Fire tablet and was able to send it to my Chromecast, but the quality was very degraded. I thought that was because that's not an HD tablet. Then I tried it with my Fire HD 8, and it worked with my CBS app, but wiht Netflix it would mirror the audio but not the video. So I assumed that meant the problem was with Netflix. But either way, it's a pain... :(

      - Elizabeth

  • "What are your options for watching Netflix on a Chromecast?
    You’re pretty much going to need an Android phone or tablet with the Netflix app on it."

    FYI, Chromecast enabled apps such as Nextflix also work perfectly on the iPhone and iPad.

    • Thanks for the correction! This was also a good reminder that the post needed updating as a whole, so I've done that now, including the info about iOS devices. - Elizabeeth

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