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Google Maps Brings Back Split-Screen Street View

Google Maps Brings Back Split-Screen Street View


Thanks to reader Altruisy for sharing this great piece of news. It’s still not exactly the same as it was in Classic Google Maps, because you can’t do split-screen with satellite view, but it’s still a lot better than just having that teeny-tiny map in the corner to navigate with.

To launch the split-screen view, first go to the Street View you want, then click the Expand icon inside the small map.

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Elizabeth Kricfalusi

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    • Google Maps doesn't have that (not sure if they ever did). Here's an alternative site you can try. You need to add street view first, then you'll see a dropdown menu that offers vertical split.

  • Why did Google Maps make it so that I can't use satellite images with split screen streetview? Why did they leave out the up and down arrows?

  • LOL, we have to be grateful for recovering what was ours. After more than one year, Google finally backtracked. Because they listened to their users? No! More people are now discovering how these monopolies operate. This is a new Enlightened despotism, a benevolent dictatorship: "Everything for the people, nothing by the people". We are allowed to watch, not participate. Their business is to collect and track all our online activity (email, IM, what we search, read, listen and watch, where we have been, locations, unique device IDs, etc.), to profile us and use that info to sell targeted ads. In return we have to be delighted for using their services for free.

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