Reader Poll: Fidget Spinners, Yea or Nay?

At the top of every T4L post is the disclaimer that when you click on a link to products on external websites and purchase something from them, I may collect a referral fee. These affiliate programs allow me and thousands of other bloggers to write the content we hope will help our readers.

I’m an affiliate for a number of companies but my number one by far is Amazon. What’s interesting about them is that if you click one of my links to a specific product page but end up purchasing a completely different item, I’ll still receive a commission for that item. Given the company’s massive inventory of products, I actually get more credit for these purchases than the ones I’ve specifically linked to.

As part of the program, Amazon provides affiliates with reports showing what all these products are that have been purchased through our links. (NOTE: There is no customer information in the reports, so your privacy is protected). I’ve earned commissions for a wide variety of items from taco holders to treadmills. Most of these are one-offs, but over the last few months I had noticed one item that was being purchased repeatedly: a fidget spinner.

I had NO IDEA what this was so off I went to do a little research. Turns out these little gadgets are this year’s stress ball, except instead of squeezing it you spin it. And since they’re pretty inexpensive, I decided to go ahead and buy one to check it out for myself. They come in all sorts of shapes and colors and patterns, but I really liked the Starry Sky one shown above.

I got the spinner a couple of days later, took it out, spun it a few times and thought, “that’s cool.” Then I put it down and never picked it up again. So I thought I’d ask you all if you have one of these spinners and, if so, if you like it. You know… like this guy: 🙂

There’s no contest involved and no need to enter your name or email address. I’m really just curious! (Of course, if you are interested in current contests, check out how you can enter for a chance to win a 3-pack of USB cables or an Amazon Alexa device!)

Fidget Spinner Poll

NOTE: The plugin I use to create forms doesn’t have an option to link to results, so I’ll report back later if I discover anything interesting!

Learn more about fidget spinners than you ever wanted to know. >> (Live Science, 06/10/17)

Find more fidget spinners at Amazon. >>

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