User Interface

QuickTip: Change Who You’re Posting/Liking/Commenting As on Your Facebook Page

A workaround for one of Facebook's most annoying "features"...

8 years ago

Manage Your Outlook Email More Easily with Quick Steps

If you get as many emails as I do, then even little tricks like this one can make a big…

8 years ago

3 Photoshop Tips You Shouldn’t Need Tips For

Learn how to copy layers from one document to another, drag layers onto the canvas, and align layers to the…

8 years ago

Stop the Email Threading Madness

Learn how to change your email inbox to list messages in the order they come in.

9 years ago

QuickTip: Turn Facebook Notification Sounds Off (Or On)

A few months ago, Facebook did one of those cute things it likes to do where it adds an annoying…

10 years ago

QuickTip: Add Special Characters to Your WordPress Blog Posts

A very useful feature that's not as easy to find as you'd expect.

10 years ago

QuickTip: How to Stop Animated GIFs (Plus Mini-Rant)

Animated GIFs are great, until they're not... Find out how to stop the madness!

10 years ago