Top Tech Stocking Stuffers

Big-ticket electronics get all the attention, but these little extras are always appreciated.

6 years ago

Review: Jackery Mini Portable Charger

It's not my most powerful charger, but it's perfect for keeping my phone alive when I'm out and about for…

7 years ago

Streaming Media Players: A Comparison Chart

A comparison of features between the Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast, including price, supported content providers,…

7 years ago

Review: Amazfit Arc Wearable Activity Tracker

I tried two other fitness/activity trackers before I tried the Amazfit Arc and the third time's definitely the charm.

7 years ago

Send Your Cable TV Signal Wirelessly to Another Room

Product review and how-to for systems that let you get cable/satellite programming on additional TV sets even if there are…

7 years ago

Save Your Sanity—And Your Ear Drums—with a Different Type of Smoke Detector

Learn how to stop your smoke alarm from going off by mistake by switching from an ionization to a photoelectric…

7 years ago

The Tech for Luddites Online Shopping Guide

A guide to help you find products and services recommended by T4L, with some money-saving tips thrown in for good…

7 years ago

My New Favorite Thing: 1-Foot Extension Cords

Tired of only being able to plug 3 devices into your 6-outlet power strip? Short extension cords to the rescue!

7 years ago

My Five Favorite WordPress Plugins

Prevent comment spam, duplicate posts, expire posts, create text and code snippets for reuse, and hide widget titles.

8 years ago

Use ExpressVPN to Access TV Shows and Movies Not Available in Your Location

Review and how-to for ExpressVPN, a service that lets you connect to their servers to mask your location and help…

8 years ago

Amazon Fire Tablets: Which One Is Right for You?

Amazon has released a lot of versions of their Fire tablet since it was first introduced in 2011. This post…

8 years ago

Amazon Fire Tablets: Pros and Cons

Fire tablets provide a lot of great features at affordable prices, but there are some drawbacks to them that you…

8 years ago

Apple TV: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Learn about what you can do with the Apple TV family of streaming media players: Apple TV HD and Apple…

9 years ago

Google Chromecast: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Learn about what you can do with the Google Chromecast family of streaming media players: Google Chromecast and Google Chromecast…

9 years ago

Roku: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Learn about what you can do with the Roku family of streaming media players: Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku Streaming…

9 years ago

Untech: 2 Inexpensive Products to Help Prevent Basement Flooding

I know from experience that cleaning up a flooded basement is a major headache—and major expense. So anything that might…

9 years ago

Amazon Fire TV: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Learn about what you can do with the Amazon Fire TV family of streaming media players: Fire TV Stick Lite,…

9 years ago

Get Cash Back for Shopping Online with Ebates

Shop at hundreds of your favorite online stores and get a percentage of your purchase back in cash.

9 years ago

Tips to Save Money When Shopping Online

Great money-saving opportunities for all sorts of things from common household items to tropical vacations!

9 years ago

Extend Your Wi-Fi Signal for a Stronger Internet Connection

If you have trouble connecting to your wireless network in certain areas of your home or office, here are a…

10 years ago