My Two Cents

Google Is Getting Rid of Classic Maps for Good (Ugh.)

There is no longer any way to access the old version of Maps. The only options now are New or…

8 years ago

How Prepaid Cellphone Plans Work and How They Can Save You Money

Paying more for your phone today could be the better deal in the long run.

8 years ago

3 Photoshop Tips You Shouldn’t Need Tips For

Learn how to copy layers from one document to another, drag layers onto the canvas, and align layers to the…

8 years ago

Why I’ll Never Buy an ASUS Computer Again

You'd think getting a replacement key for a computer still under warranty would be no big deal. Unfortunately, you'd be…

9 years ago

Your Website’s Been Hacked. Now What?

If you're a website publisher, learn how to find out if your site has been infected with malware and, if…

9 years ago

Stop the Email Threading Madness

Learn how to change your email inbox to list messages in the order they come in.

9 years ago

QuickTip: How to Stop Animated GIFs (Plus Mini-Rant)

Animated GIFs are great, until they're not... Find out how to stop the madness!

10 years ago

The Etiquette of LinkedIn Invitations

In my earlier post, The INs of LinkedIn, I explained what a LinkedIn Invitation is and showed you how to…

14 years ago