Microsoft Excel Now Lets You Keep Pasting Copied Cells after Unrelated Actions

The latest update to Office 365 removes a major frustration with a common Excel requirement.

7 years ago

Three Tip Thursday: 06/22/17

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Three Tip Thursday: 06/01/17

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Three Tip Thursday: 03/16/17

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7 years ago

Three Tip Thursday: 03/02/17

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Three Tip Thursday: 02/16/17

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7 years ago

Quickly Find Unread Emails in Outlook

With technology, it's funny how often you think, "You should be able to..." only to find out you can!

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Turn Off Email Grouping in Outlook

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Save Text Snippets to Easily Reuse in Microsoft Word

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Create Different Headers in Word

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Stop the Email Threading Madness

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Inbox Zero

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F4: The Magic MS-Office Key No One Knows About

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15 years ago

Four Formatting Tips for Excel

Although Microsoft Excel is designed primarily as a spreadsheet application for number-crunchers, I use it a lot to create various…

15 years ago

Stop Word from Changing Your Formatting

Microsoft Word is one of those programs that people REALLY love to hate.

15 years ago