Three Tip Thursday: 12/08/16

Today's Three Tips: Computer Cooldown, Offline Google Maps, Unique Gifts

7 years ago

Google Maps Brings Back Split-Screen Street View

Finally, one of the most missed features of Classic Google Maps has been brought back—more or less.

8 years ago

Classy GMap: An Update

The best alternative to the Classic Google Maps is back... kind of.

8 years ago

New Controls on Old Google Maps

All Google Maps have been updated with new controls, but maps that still provide some Classic Maps features are still…

9 years ago

Measuring Distances in New Google Maps

This popular feature from Classic Google Maps still exists in the new version, but you find and use it a…

9 years ago

Bring Back Classic Google Maps Campaign

What you can do to help convince Google to bring back the Classic Maps that we all love so much.

9 years ago

Google Is Getting Rid of Classic Maps for Good (Ugh.)

There is no longer any way to access the old version of Maps. The only options now are New or…

9 years ago