Three Tip Thursday: 01/12/17

Today's Three Tips: Facebook Shortcuts, Shopping List App, Reusable Hand Warmers

6 years ago

Three Tip Thursday: 12/29/16

Today's Three Tips: Facebook Notifications, Christmas Tree Recycling, Opening a Champagne Bottle

6 years ago

Three Tip Thursday: 12/22/16

Today's Three Tips: Searching Web Pages, Mobile Notifications, New Christmas Story

6 years ago

Three Tip Thursday: 12/15/16

Today's Three Tips: Windows 10 App Search, Social Media Cleanup, Stocking Stuffer Ideas

6 years ago

Three Tip Thursday: 12/08/16

Today's Three Tips: Computer Cooldown, Offline Google Maps, Unique Gifts

6 years ago

Three Tip Thursday: 12/01/16

Today's Three Tips: Hotel Tonight App, Apple Calendar Spam, Chromecast/HBO NOW Deal

6 years ago

How to Listen to Podcasts on the Amazon Echo

Unfortunately, there's no perfect solution for playing podcasts on an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Amazon Tap, but here are…

6 years ago

Find More Camera Settings for Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

It's *possible* I'm the only one who couldn't figure this out... But I doubt it. :)

6 years ago

Repost for Instagram App Has New Process

The Repost for Instagram app no longer shows you your Instagram image feed but it turns out that actually makes…

6 years ago

Amazon Fire Tablets: 4 Ways to Install Google Play Store Apps

Want an Android app that's not available in the Amazon App Store? Learn how to (maybe) get it for your…

6 years ago

You Don’t Need a Kindle to Read Kindle Books

Amazon's free reading apps, available for most smartphones, tablets, and computers, are a great way to try out e-books.

8 years ago

QuickTip: A (N)ICE Feature for Your Cellphone

This app can make your phone a huge help to first responders In Case of Emergency.

9 years ago