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But Siriusly, Folks…

Today’s Blogathon 2016 post is going to be coming in right under the wire because I spent 10 hours today driving back to Maryland from Canada. Whew!

And while I’m pretty tired, during the drive I remembered something that gave me the idea for the post. When I bought my car (Hyundai Elantra Hatchback) four years ago, it came with a stereo system that included three months of free Sirius XM service. (Or maybe it was six months; I don’t remember anymore.)

I had never had Sirius XM before and the thing about me is that there’s usually only ONE thing I want to listen to on the radio: pop music. (Sorry, readers who are music snobs aficionados!) So I quickly discovered Channel 016’s The Blend, which plays mostly recent pop hits with a smattering of older songs in there as well. And I was happy with it except for one thing: the radio’s display would only show the name of the artist and song for a second or two when it first came on, then it switched to the name of the channel and its category, which I already knew. I thought maybe there was a setting I could change, but when I pressed the Info button, it didn’t do anything except turn off the channel number.

Fast forward a year or so and I was doing the Canada/Maryland drive only this time I had a friend with me and she and I switched off driving every couple of hours. So while I was sitting in the passenger seat, I decided to go through all the different options available with the radio, which I hadn’t done before. And lo and behold, there was a setting to let me change the default display to Artist and Title. Huzzah!

And where was it, you may ask…? Under the Clock Setup menu. Because sure.

I have no idea what company manufactures my sound system, but if you are having the same issue with your Sirius XM display, I recommend you check out all the settings available (not while driving, of course!) Which shouldn’t be surprising advice considering this post I wrote a while ago on LinkedIn:

The Single Best Tech Tip You’ll Ever Receive

Bonus Tip

Still no new reader tips 🙁 so here’s a little bonus tip. That thing where I clicked the Info button and didn’t get the info I wanted? Turns out it is there as long as you press the button twice.

Because sure.

Now say goodnight, Gracie.

“Goodnight, Gracie!”

Elizabeth Kricfalusi

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  • Thanks for the tip. We have a Hyundai Santa Fe with Sirius/XM and I assumed that's all controlled by the make of the radio, but we'll check into it. I get tired of trying to hit the Info button.

    • Darn! Hubby just informed me that's a fancier set-up than we have. We have a separate clock so this won't work for u.

      • Hi Barbara.

        That's too bad, but don't give up yet! I found this for an entirely different type of Hyundai car, but it make work for yours:

        Press the SET UP button and the screen will display TEXT SCROLL-AVC-XM. Then rotate the right (TUNE/ENTER) knob to highlight XM and push the knob in. The screen will then display the two options...rotate the right knob again to choose ARTIST/SONG and push the knob in.

        And if that doesn't do it, go through every button on the radio and turn to every option... It could be somewhere even less obvious than mine is.

        - Elizabeth

  • Hey Elizabeth, love the blog and even better, great name. I've been reading on and off for a month or so and find myself coming back more often.

    Just want to say liked the article on LinkeIn ("The Single Best Tech Tip You’ll Ever Receive") and couldn't agree more. I'm an Engineer by trade and have found myself giving training courses on some of our designs. Depending on the audience, I'll always start the session off with writing the following acronym on the board: "RTFM". I'll then ask the class if anyone knows what it means.

    Usually, it's not so obvious but someone gets it and the point is made. I guess you article is a more modern version but good advice none the less as 99% of problems can be solved by RTFM.

    Anyway, normally don't chime in but couldn't resist on this one.

    Thanks again for the blog and I will keep coming back.

    • Hi Steve.

      Thanks so much for the nice comment! I'm glad you're enjoying the posts.

      The problem with "RTFM" is that sometimes the "FM" is so badly written (or translated) that it's not particularly helpful. :)

      Thanks again and have a great day!

      - Elizabeth

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