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Bring Back Classic Google Maps Campaign
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Bring Back Classic Google Maps Campaign

This campaign is now closed. More Google Maps-related posts are available on the Maps category page.

Elizabeth Kricfalusi

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    Google Maps jumped the shark in 2013.

  • Dear Google Maps,
    I don't trust the latest version of Google Maps and I wish the old classic Google Maps were back. Otherwise I will no longer trust Google Maps or be their friend and I depend on Google Maps for compensation for being unable to travel some years. I will give Google Maps a magic pot of gold and magic bubble gum if they bring back their old classic version or redesign and include the features that were only available in classic Google Maps or have them keep 2 versions of Google Maps. Is that okay? If Google Maps brings back their old version, would they be making a bad choice or a good choice? I need to know. Thanks.

  • I too detest Google Maps since the change. I do a search for a location and instead of showing the map it blocks my view with a completely worthless interior photograph of the place I'm looking for. I close the photograph so that I can find the place - and I lose my search. Google Maps, now seems to have become a showcase, for aimless meddlers and tinkerers at Google, who apparently have nothing more constructive to do. The first question that Google needs to ask itself, is what are maps for? Then perhaps they can start to undo the ridiculous overlays that block the map view and make Google Maps utterly worthless.

  • Hi Elizabeth!

    I don't know if this page is still active or if there is a more recent page regarding this issue, but as this is the most appropriate page I can find on your website, I'm posting here.

    So ... I just tried using Google Maps once again to try and trace my favourite cycle route I use when I want to get an hour's pleasant, scenic yet hilly cycling exercise. This was previously my well-tried litmus test to confirm to me yet again how utterly and completely useless **New Google Maps** continued to be for my purposes. Imagine therefore my (pleasant) surprise when I discovered that in the intervening twelve months or so, this tool has actually become usable again.

    Yes, it actually worked!! And it seems to work almost as well (at least, as I say, for my purposes) as **Old Google Maps**. Which, for me, is very good news!

    Has anyone else any feedback on the latest iteration of the **New Google Maps" app???

  • Lately I find myself using Yahoo Maps more and more.
    Even though Yahoo discontinued updating the maps, it works like the old classic Google Maps for me

    • Thanks, Brett. It's good to hear how people are finding other solutions now that Google Maps has changed so much. - Elizabeth

    • Hi Samt.

      I hadn't realized that had closed the petition because it hadn't been updated in over a year. I've reopened it, but honestly at this point I don't think signing it will do anything. We never got enough people on board to have any impact on a company the size of Google.

      - Elizabeth

          • I was curious about why google allowed classyg to carry on at the time they were prohibiting other similar sites. Any idea?

          • Accepting defeat I tried out googlemaps' street view again and once again had to shut my eyes against the swooping images, which make me feel sea-sick. It's delightful to see ClassyG again and mystifying, too.

            By the way I stopped receiving notifications of comments here some time back, and though I resubscribed they're not arriving.

          • Hi Laura.

            Thanks for letting me know about the problem with getting comment notifications. I think I've fixed it, which we'll know if you receive this one. Please reply back if you do get it.

            Thanks again!

            - Elizabeth

          • Thought I'd just try it again before deleting my bookmark, and...
            Classy GMap is back online !
            :) :)

    ClassicMaps is gone

    This page has been removed at the request of Google, because it potentially violates the Maps API Terms of Service. Sorry.


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