Reader Question: When Your Facebook Posts Don’t Show Up on Friends’ Home Pages

Last Updated: October 17, 2014

Reader Mari wrote to say that some of the things she was posting on Facebook weren’t appearing on her friends’ home pages. She had checked her privacy settings and all her friends had permission to see them. She also knew they hadn’t hidden her, so that wasn’t the problem either.

There are actually two different aspects to Facebook’s privacy settings. One is allowing or preventing someone from seeing a certain type of content.

I wrote about this earlier, in Privacy Controls in Facebook Pt. 1 and Pt. 2. As a reminder, you need to set these permissions individually for each and every application. So for example, if you wanted to restrict someone from seeing links to other websites that you post, you would go to Settings > Application Settings, then click Edit Settings beside Links.

When you restrict someone using these settings, they won’t be able to see your posted links anywhere—on their home page, your Wall, your Boxes tab, or wherever else they might normally appear.

However, just because you give access to others to see the content, doesn’t mean it will show up on their home pages. For that, you need to click on the Additional Permissions link and make sure that “Publish to streams” is checked.

If it isn’t checked, your friends can still see your links if they go to your Wall or Boxes tab, but it won’t show up in the News Feed (aka “stream”) on their home pages.

Note: Some applications, like quizzes, ask you after you take them if you want to publish your results. In that case, they’re also asking if you want it to post to your own Wall. If you say no, it won’t appear anywhere on your profile.

Note 2: Even if you do everything mentioned above, Facebook also has a lot of bugs and they’re very inconsistent (e.g. what works for me may not work for others, and vice versa). So the above instructions may not always work. If you do have other problems, don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’ll see if I can figure out the solution.

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    • Elizabeth Kricfalusi says

      Hi Melis.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “Additional Permissions.” Can you provide more details about what you’re trying to do?


  1. Zaldy Infante says

    When uploading a photo on my Facebook page, it doesn’t show up on the page, only in the Timeline. Any idea why? Or chance I can re-post an image that’s already been uploaded unto my page? Cheers

  2. al says

    why i cant find my own comment on a post i wrote about two hours a go. by the way they facebook says the page of my friend is not available as well any more.does that mean the owner of the page deleted or deactivated his account or just blocked me? how will i be able to delete my own comment on his post?
    thank you advance.

    • Elizabeth says

      Hi Al.

      It’s possible your friend deleted the comment, which is why you wouldn’t see it. Sometimes when it says the page is not available it’s because of a temporary Facebook issue. But if that’s still the case, then it could be any of the cases you mentioned and you would not be able to delete the comment.

  3. says

    I too have been having problems for about 4 days with Facebook Page . I can post and share from profile, but nothing shows up on the page wall.

    Only thing I’ve seen show up is a broadcast from aweber which is linked.

    I have submitted daily support tickets. Any idea whats going on?

    I’ve also tried other browsers (work in chrome) and other computer. same problem


  4. Craig Griffin says

    I know this has probably already been a common problem but I can’t get my comments on other pages to show my name and photo next to them. Have checked all settings and made all public but still can’t get it to happen. Any suggestions?

  5. eddie says

    when i post a status @ my pages..the post dont apear @ my pages….just apear @ main facebook….how can i change that…

  6. ruth says

    Could you please tell me why I am not seeing my posts on my Facebook wall? I have not changed my settings at all and it’s always been open to my friends for viewing. This morning, I signed in and noticed that all my posts from this year and last year’s are all gone. What is going on? Could you please help me?

  7. Liz says

    Hi, Elizabeth. Found this post and am dealing with some of those facebook “bugs” and hoping you can help. I couldn’t follow through with your “contact me” link as I wasn’t able to work with outlook, etc. :-( (am a luddite;-)) Have a FB business page and if I comment on another page, my photo doesn’t show up. I’ve walked through all of FB’s tutorials and am more clueless than when I started. Can you help with how my FB page ( can communicate with other pages? I do not have a personal account, only the biz page. And while I designed the site and am posting, I can’t seem to interact with other page sites. Any thoughts? You can contact me directly at Please please please and thanks.

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