Welcome to Tech for Luddites!

Hi there! I'm Elizabeth Kricfalusi, a marketing and communications professional who's often been described as "the most technical non-technical person I know." I started the Tech for Luddites blog back in January 2009 because I had often heard friends say things like, "I wish you could do such-and-such in Microsoft Word!" or "Why can't you do such-and-such in Facebook?" To which I would reply, "You can!" I figured if my friends had trouble finding these solutions, other people probably did too and so I thought I would share my tips and techniques with anyone who was interested.

Well, it turns out a LOT of people were interested! The blog now gets somewhere between 50-60,000 visitors a month and I receive many comments and emails from readers who thank me and tell me it was the only place they could find the answer to their question.

T4L (as I like to call it) went on an extended hiatus from 2010 to 2013 during which time I took a full-time job (and then left it) and thought about what I wanted to do with the blog going forward. I got motivated to start writing entries again when I participated in a blogathon in June 2013, writing a post a day. And while I enjoyed getting back to blogging, I knew I wanted to do more with it.

Announcing Tech for Luddites: The Business!

I'm now offering several new services:

T4L Resources

I'm also offering new ways of delivering tips and techniques to my readers, including downloadable publications and how-to videos. I'm starting with several WordPress-related tutorials but will be expanding my library into other areas such as social media, Microsoft Office applications and, well, anything else I think might be helpful. (I'm open to suggestions!)

And About That Blog...

The Tech for Luddites blog is here to stay. So if you want to make sure you don't miss any great tips, you can subscribe to T4L in your favorite feed reader or enter your email address below to have blog posts delivered right to your inbox!

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